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summer 2012

YAY!! SCHOOLS OUT!! it has been about a week since its been the last day of school. Every summer me and my sister would always go to San Francisco, California to see our family. were usually in Caifornia for about two months. when were there we would sometimes see my sisters family in Sacremento. since my uncle died there is this this celebration to do when someone dies and its called a nine day prayer where the whole family gets together and pray for the person that died. since im not gonna go to California for another two weeks im stuck here in Texas. what were going to do in San Fracisco is go to Sacremento, go shopping, hang out with my cousins, have sleepovers with my cousins, watch scary movies with my cousins, visit some family where we used to live, go to two weddings, go to the Fishermans Wharf with my cousin, sister, and dad, go to the Pier with my cousin, and most of all enjoy the rest of my summer. since im going to be in Texas for another week or so im going to have sleepovers with my friends and party with my friends. we were supposed to go to New York in a week but my mom changed her mind about going, but since we cant go to New York were going to go on a cruise in the middle of the school year like we did last time in fourth grade. when i come back from California me and my family are going to Six Flags with my BFFS Anita and Makayla. when summer of twenty twelve is over im going to be soo happy and soo sad because i get to see my friends and because i am starting a new chapter in my life which is going to middle school. i hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer as i will.

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