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Best Friends

on April 24, 2012

Chapter 1

       First day of school

Wake up Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t want to be late for your first day of school!! I woke up got dressed and eat breakfast. While we were driving to school I was wondering who would be in my class. I thought it would be my friends from last year.

When we got to school I was so happy and anxious to see my friends and to see who was in my class. When I walked in there was so many people in the school building. When I finally got to my class I saw some of my friends. I thought there was going to be any of my best friends in my class and there was, her name was Shelby. When I saw her I hugged her and she hugged me back.

When everyone was there Mrs. Bender told us that today was going to be a very busy day because we need to get ready and get all of our supplies. When Mrs. Bender was calling out our names she said “Anita?” no one answered so she said it again, so Mrs. Bender said she was absent. I was wondering if she was going to show sometime today.

On the first day of school we did some activities to learn about each other and learn each other’s names. For the learning our names we passed a ball to someone and before we passed the ball to someone we had to say their name. For the learning about each other’s activities we got a sheet of paper that has little squares asking things like who lives in a neighborhood named after any flower.

At the end of the day Mrs. Bender said that we have homework and everyone said “AHHHH!!!! We never get homework on the first day of school” Mrs. Bender said “well guys that’s what happens when you’re in fifth grade” I asked her what was for homework” she said “ you guys just need to read for thirty minutes every day to equal one hundred and fifty minutes.

That night I went home and my mom asked me how was school and I told her “ it was really fun and I couldn’t wait for tomorrow” before I went to sleep I brushed my teeth, took a shower, got dressed and got in bed with my dog Hyden.

Ring, Ring, Ring!! My alarm went off. I turned my alarm off and got dressed. When my dad took me to the bus stop I saw some of my friends and some new people. When we got to school I walked to class and got ready. I looked to see if the girl Anita was here but she wasn’t, I was really sad because I wanted to meet her and be her first friend at this school.

A couple minutes later the BCE broadcast was on. After the broadcast it was time to go to specials, it was music. For music we just watched movies because Mr. Davis didn’t know what to start on. The movies we watched was about musical instruments and the musical instruments played songs.

At language arts we were learning about what we do with our homework. Day by day we got more homework and more homework. At math we got one workbook page to do and science we don’t have any homework except for reports and projects.

        Chapter 2

New Student

A couple of weeks later the girl Anita finally came to school. When I saw her come in I wanted her to sit by me in class and she did. I asked why she wasn’t here for the last couple of weeks and she said that she was in India with her grandparents because they were very sick.

When it was lunch time I told her that she could sit with me and my friends at lunch time and she said ok. When I went home I told my mom that we finally got our new student that we were supposed to come to school on the first day of school.

Day after day I learned stuff about her by talking to her. She told me that she was Indian and that she lives with her one sister and her parents, she also told me that she loves art and I told her that I   love art very much to. I told her that we are going to be best friends. By hanging out with her at school we became very good friends…. Like Best Friends Forever. I told my mom about her and she told me that Indians are very close to Philipinos.

   Chapter 3

The science fair

About around the middle of the year it was time for the science fair. For my project I did “what brand of gum can blow the biggest bubble?” when I got all my materials I started on my project. My project was really fun, I picked out like six gums to blow a bubble with. When you would get to the third brand of gum you would feel really sick because the gum was getting disgusting. Out of all the bubbles blown by all of my participants I blew the smallest bubbles out of everyone. When I finished I was so happy. I brought my science project the next day for presentations. I was so nervous about the presentations in front of the judges. When it was time for me to present my science project I started shaking, so I took a deep breath and walked inside. When I walked in I was very calm and did not panic. After I started talking I thought it was really fun presenting.

After lunch time the judges decided on who was going to get a ribbon. At lunch I kept thinking about if I was going to get a ribbon. When it was time to announce the winners of the science fair I was really nervous because I didn’t think I was going to be one of the winners. When Mr. Alonzo announced the winners I was so sad that I wasn’t picked and that I didn’t do so well. When it was time to leave I was about to cry because I they didn’t like me.

After Mr. Alonzo graded our science notebooks with our drafts of our science project, we got it back. When I looked at my grade he gave me like a ninety seven. Ii thought I deserved a one hundred but I remembered that I spelled some words wrong so that’s why he gave me that grade.

When it was the end of the day I went home sad. I told my mom why I was really sad and she said “It’s ok honey” and I said “it’s not ok, it’s terrible…. It’s a really big grade on my report.”I was really mad when my sister was one of the winners.

Chapter 4

Having fun with my friend

When it was February eleventh it was my birthday. A week before my birthday I passed out invitations for my birthday party at the movie theater. I invited my friends Anita, and Madison. When it was time for the party me, my sister, and my mom went to the movie theater. When I got there the first person I saw was my friend Anita. After everyone got there we went to go eat Which Which, it was really good. When Anita told me that she got me an expensive present I said “why did you get me such a n expensive present?” and she said “because you’re my best friend” I said “ahhhh….. Anita you’re my best friend to”

When I told Anita that my dad owns a business, she said it was really cool. I told her that my dad has a show at the Kite festival and I asked her if she can come with me? she said “ maybe, I will have to ask my dad.”

That weekend I asked her if she can come again and she said “I’m  going  ask my dad real quick. A couple minutes later she said that she can go and I was really excited. When it was two days before the Kite festival I told her that I couldn’t wait and that were going to pick her up.

I woke up on Sunday morning. I said wake up mom it’s time to get ready and pick Anita up. When we were in Anita’s neighborhood we were lost looking for her street. It took about ten minutes to look for her street, when we finally found her street we picked her up and headed off to Zilker Park. By the time we got there, there was no parking so my mom said “next time we need to wake up a little earlier.” And I said “we do.” When we finally arrived we were so happy. After we got there we went to go get our face painted. I got my face painted and it was blue and green my favorite colors.                        

Chapter 5

Best friends

When it was almost the end of the year me and Anita were hanging out a lot and that meant becoming best friends forever. Both of us just kept making or buying each other presents. For my birthday she made me a picture frame which was green, my favorite color in the world. So since she made me a picture frame I made her a picture frame which was purple, her favorite color.

When we planned our first sleepover for last weekend, we found out that we couldn’t do our sleepover because I was so busy that weekend, so I said lets plan another sleepover.

Me and Anita will be best friend’s forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 responses to “Best Friends

  1. I love how you write Taylor. Keep up the good work.

  2. Rachel H says:

    Awwwwww Anita

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