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Moms Graduation day

on May 18, 2012

last weekend on Saturday my mom graduatedfrom St.Edwards University. On Thursday night a whole bunch of family came to see my moms graduation. On Friday after school me and my sister spent time with my two aunts and my soon to be uncle. When we got home from school we ate a little snack,then we all went on a little walk to the community pool and back to the house. when we finally got back home we got in the car and went to go eat Rudy’s. Rudy’s was really good,everyone enjoyed the food.

since my mom wanted to go get her nails done we all went to the Barton Creek mall.once we all got there we split up and went to different stores. while we were waiting for my mom, and my two aunties we went to go get icecream. I got Rocky Road icecream in a waffle cone,my favorite icecream is Rocky Road.A couple hours later my mom was finally done getting her nails done. by 10:00 a’clock we got home.when we got home a played a game with my aunt and her boyfriend. the game we played was called Bannana Grams. what we were supposed to do was grab twenty-one letters and make words with them and they have to be intersecting. everytime someone would make words out of all the letters that person would say “peel!”and when they would say that every player would have to get another letter until all the letters are gone. when all the letters are gone and someone says peel that is the winner. and the last person to say peel was me, when my aunt found out that i won she started talking about how no one ever beat her. after one round of bannana grams it was time for me and my sister to go to sleep because my moms graduation was in the morning so we have to wakeup really early.

the next day was my moms graduation day. evryone was so excited,even my mom. when we all got in the car we left to go to the Franklin Erwin Center.when we got there we dropped my mom off in front of the building. since they wouldnt le3t us in by ten me,my dad,my brother, and my sister went to get breakfast. when we finished eating we went to go see the graduation.when we got inside it was really huge and really crowded. while peoplke were saying there speeches i took a nap on my big brothers shoulder. it was so cold that i had no sweater so i had to use my purse as a blanket.when they finally started anouncing the names of the graduates i woke up. when they anounced my moms name we all stood up and clapped for her. after she was done we went to Maudies we went home and took a very long nap. after the nap we went to the pool to go cool off and have fun.while the girls were swimmimng the boys were playing basketball. after a couple hours we went home and went to sleep.


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