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NOT That Fun Of A Fieldtrip

on April 10, 2012

Yesterday, the whole fifth grade went to the Capitol. This was the fourth time we went to the Capital. I asked all my friends if they were excited to go to the Capitol, and they said “NO!!!!”. When we got started on the tour, the tour guides just told us everything the other tour guides told us, and we already knew about this stuff. After the tour, we went to go visit the the visitor center to go buy suveniers form the gift shop. My friend bought me a cool pen that cost seven dollars. So I have to pay her seven dollars, which I need to get. We all went to go eat lunch on the Capitol grounds after the visitors center. Eating lunch was really fun because, I got to eat outside with my friends and got to feed the birds. After we went to go eat we walked to the Bob Bullock Museum. While we were walking my friends started saying what they thought the people in the cars were saying about us. Like ” oh my gosh, those moms have a lot of kids”. When we got there we went to the Texas music roadtrip. The Texas music roadtrip was really fun, we got to see what music stuff to they used back in the old days. Mrs.Bender was showing us what she used when she was a kid or showing us what they had back then. In about half an hour we had to go leave to go back to school. Another thing that was fun was that we didnt have any work to do at school.


The Bob Bullock Museum                                                                    The Capitol


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