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P.S if you did not watch the movie,SPOIL ALERT!!!!!!!!!

last weekend me and my family had watched the Hunger Games =))))))). Usually i don’t really pay that much attention to movies, but you can really tell that i was paying attention to it because i know everyone’s name. Their names are Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Haymitch Abernathy, Effie Trinket, Cinna, Gale Hawthorn, Primrose Everdeen, mr. and mrs.Everdeen, Rue, Thresh, Buttercup, Cato, Glimmer, Clove, Marvel, foxface, And mr. and mrs Mellark.

When i told all my friends i watched the Hunger Games they were all like, cool, was it awesome?, or they told me ” the sad part was when Rue died”. The movie was so sad and kind of scary. I started crying a lot when Rue died, my tears were turning into sobs when Katniss blue a kiss to district 11. After that Rue’s father started a huge fight because Rue had died. the part that was disgusting was when Katniss dropped the hive on the other tributes and there was a bunch of Tracker Jackers all on Glimmer and made her die. when you watch the part where Katniss kisses Peeta you can tell that Gale was jealous because he likes Katniss. the part that was mean was when Katniss pushed Peeta to the wall because he said he likes her. the part that kept showing was a flashback of Peeta, and Katniss. It was showing Peeta feeding the pigs bread and threw bread to Katniss. after all that was not really important except for the end.

when they had made a change in the game they said that there can be two winners. when Peeta and Katniss killed Cato the people changed their arrangement, they said there can only be one winner so Katniss said that is not fair so they took poisonous berries and was going to eat them so there would be no winner. when they counted to three he said STOP!! STOP!! he said “here are the winners of the 74th annual Hunger Games. when they got on the train to get home Peeta said “what do we do now?” Katniss said ” just forget about it” Peeta said “but i dont want to forget about it”. I HOPE EVERYONE LOVED THE HUNGER GAMES JUST LIKE ME. when it comes out on DVD im going to buy it and watch it over and over again until im over it ( im NEVER going to get over it) =)

Left to right: Clove, Marvel, Foxface, Thresh, Glimmer, Cato, Rue, Peeta, Katniss, Gale


AHHH! The STAAR test!

Today and yesturday we had taken the STAAR test. Yesturday we took the math test and today we took the reading test. Whoever is reading this and your not in 4th or 5th…… goodluck on the STAAR test. The math test was not that hard it was ok. Reading will take a long time because you have to read and then go back for the answers. What you need to do is you just have to relax and take your time. There will be a lot of questions, we had fifty-eight questins on the math and fifty-four on the reading. You will only have four hours to complete the test. When your bubbling in your answers make sure you shade in the answers really dark and make sure they are neat. During the test you will have to sit away from friends and dont talk. When you are finished you may sit quietly or read a book, you may not use your nooks or anything like that. After everyone in your class is done you may visit with your friends and talk quietly. Some people are going to be in seperate rooms. Before the test the lunch ladies will be giving you juice and muffins. You have to eat your snacks before you start the test because you are not allowed to eat during the test. If you have a mechanical pencil you may only use the pencil if it has a number .2  lead. When it is time for you to go to lunch, you will be going at different times. For the reading test the strategies you should use is highlight, take notes, and prove your answers. For the math test you should show your work, and box the question they are asking you for. If you could do that you will be able to get at least a ONE-HUNDRED! GOODLUCK EVERYONE!




alphabet poem









                                                         Taylor Sigua =)


Getting ready

Today in kardivas four teenage girls and the lady who created kardivas had visited us and talked to us about middle school. They told us stuff like are the teachers really strict?, or how do u know if a boy likes you?,or if you like that boy?.all there answers were, they are not strict their really fun and nice. If a boy likes you it is when they are being mean to you,or if they give you the winky face ;-). One of the other questions we asked was what grade were you in when u started going through puberty,and when? (Kilby) was in 7th grade, (ellen) when she turned 13 years old,(victoria) in 7th grade,(annie) in 7th grade,(brooke) when she turned 13.


Middle school

So the lake travis middle school principal came to bee cave elementary school to tell us a little bit more about middle school. Like what we will be doing and what classes we will be taking like art, choir, dance, and other stuff. They gave us our choice sheets and i picked dance, art, choir,or study skills. They told us that it is not scary,its really fun. I hope that i can make new friends, have alot of fun being in middle school.


Benders buckaroos

Super duper smart

Really funny
Open minded

                           Caitlyn Taylor Servillon Sigua 🙂


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The rain poem

there it goes sky,sun,and clouds twirling,swirling,blue sky,and last hotness

there i was looking at the light blue sky

so beautiful

boo! boom! there i go

im getting soaked up in the dark blue sky

drip drip drip im dripping everywhere im walking inside

i thought oh boy im in deep trouble for dripping everywhere

i said oh no

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I am lucky for…

  1. I am lucky for having a lovely family
  2. I am lucky for having good grades
  3. I am lucky for having good friends
  4. I am lucky for having good and caring parents
  5. I am lucky for having good brothers and sisters
  6. I am lucky for having a nice teacher
  7. I am lucky for having good food
  8. I am lucky for being a fast swimmer
  9. I am lucky for being very funny
  10. I am lucky for having a business named after me
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Habanero – An acroustic poem

  • Happy
  • Amazing
  • Beautiful
  • Awesome
  • Neat
  • Epic
  • Readers
  • Open minded
  • School

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