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on April 7, 2012

Today my moms work had a team building day. I went with her, and we went to a school. We made a garden at the school, it turned out really pretty when we were done. One of my moms co-workers brought her daughter and her daughters best friend. Our job was to pull the weeds out, which was REALLY hard. Everyone that had to pull the weeds said I HATE this job, it was mostly me who kept saying that. While we were pulling out weeds we found a poisonous Caterpillar, a grub, and tons of small worms. They were disgusting. When it was really quiet my moms friend said ” so how do you like Jutin Biebers haircut?” and everyone started laughing. My moms friends daughter said ” I love it” then everyone started to laugh again. After we finished pulling out the weeds me, my sister, and the other girls went to go play on the playground,then a couple minutes later her dad came to the park to pick them up. Somewhere around 10 we finished and took pictures. Then we went home.

Me, my sister, and my mom pulling weeds


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