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The WORST/FUN summer ever

on April 6, 2012

Last Summer I went to go visit my family in San Francisco. We had gone to San Francisco for my Great grandmas Funeral. I was so sad when my mom had told me the news. So we had flown to San Fran a couple days later. When we had landed we went to my grandmas house to unpack. After, we unpacked we went to the viewing for my great grandma. A day later it was time for the funeral, when we got to the funeral they started burying her and my family members started to cry when they were burying her. A couple days later my mom and brother left to go back to Texas. My dad stayed to do a show and to take care of us. Sometime around July, my grandpa found out that my uncle had died in his room. When he went upstairs he collapsed on the floor. Since my uncle died my dad had to cancel his show. I had found out that he died when me and my sister had came back home from my cousins house. So when my dad picked me and my sister up he took us to my grandma and grandpas for a gathering called a 9 day prayer. When we got there there was alot of family members I havent seen in a long time. The fun part was when I got to see my younger cousins and got to hang out with them and eat icecream everynight. When me and my family went back to Texas, me and my sister found out that our P.E coach died I was sad becuase she was a really fun teacher. Then I kept hearing my mom talking about how her bosses wife was in the hospital. So my mom got the news that she had died. Ever since then, I had been writing letters to my moms boss saying what he should do to make him not feel alone. And so after all those letters i had been making him feel very happy.


12 responses to “The WORST/FUN summer ever

  1. Anita says:

    That kind taylor

  2. Rachel H says:

    That’s sad:(

  3. auntymaymay says:

    That story made me feel real sad. I am glad you wrote letters to your mom’s boss to make him happy. Very nice of you.

  4. auntymaymay says:

    This story made me feel really sad.

  5. Taylor, I’m so proud of you, babe. You’re a real sweetheart. Love you, Mama

  6. David d says:

    But you are right…you did make me a little happier!

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