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Puberty!!!!!!!!!!! =O

on April 6, 2012

On Thursday every girl in fifth grade had to watch a video of becoming a woman. Everyone was so scared to watch the video. During the video some girls were laughing at the video. After we finished watching the video we had to take a test so the teachers could make sure we had listened to the video. The video talked about how you know your getting puberty, it said you will know when your getting older or when your body is getting bigger. In the video the girls in the video asked if it would hurt? or how much blood would you use? They said it wont hurt and you will lose about 1/2 a cup of blood. After the video the nurse gave us goody bags filled with panty liners and a calender, with coupons to give our parents. before we could leave she gave us homework, our homework was to interview our parents about puberty, in my head I said ” I hope my parents sign no I did not want to participate =O”.


2 responses to “Puberty!!!!!!!!!!! =O

  1. auntymaymay says:

    Hey girlie, I know puberty can be a little unusual but when it does change you I am sure it will be for the better. I hope this becomes a learning experience for you as well as a changing experience. I know I felt uncomfortable talking about it at first but when you get older you also get more mature and you don’t feel so uncomfortable about the subject as much. I am sure you will feel the same way that I did. Try not to worry about it, remember, its all a natural change.

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