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Easter Party

on April 6, 2012

Yesturday I went to an after class on Thursdays called Kardivas. We had an Easter party to go to with different girls from different schools. The Easter party was at the Bee Cave park. To get to the Bee Cave park we had to carpool with one of our friends, so i carpooled with my Best Friend Forever her name was Anita. When we got to the the park we took a group picture with all the girls. When we were paring up in groups i went to go see my old friends form kindergarten and from my old swim team. I was so happy when i got to see them. my friend Anita introduced me to her old friends from last year, they were all very nice to me and she had alot of friends. At the end of the party we got Easter eggs full of candy in them. I was so sad when i had to say goodbye to all of my old friends. =). I hope everyone has a Great Easter and have FUN.


2 responses to “Easter Party

  1. Anita says:

    Taylor,thats soooo sweet ur my best friend forever and ever to

  2. thx Anita,ur going to be my best friend for ever and ever and ever =)))))))

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