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on April 6, 2012

I have five dogs, I auctully have four but i still count my dog that had died. Everytime I tell my friends I have five dogs my mom and sister always say no we dont, we have four dogs. All my dogs names are Hyden, Hogan, Auto, and Comet. Our dog that is dead his name is Captain Crunch.

We have had Hyden the longest, we got him in 2009, so now he is four but he is about to turn five in September. We also got Captain Crunch when we got Hyden. We got Auto in 2010 after Captain Crunch had died, he turned 3 last year but we dont know when his birthday is so we just know how old he is at the end of the year. My dad got Hogan for my mom for their anniversary, my mom had to wait till Valentines day till she could get him. My mom would go to Pets Mart to make sure no one would take him.

We had gotten Comet last Year in the summer. We got him in San Francisco from my grandma and grandpa. The first time I saw him, it was when I went in my granparents bathroom to brush my teeth. When I turned on the lights he had scared me. I had asked my dad why a dog was in the the bathroom and he said ” what dog? theres a dog in the bathroom?” and i said “yeah theres a dog”. So my dad went to go ask them why there was a dog, and they said ” because he is scared of the other dogs downstairs”. After that we just left and forgot about it. Before the end of the summer my dad was thinking of takeing him home and so we did. The reason why he was so skinny was because he was the runt of the family, which ment the other dogs wouldnt let him eat or drink =(.


1 pic. Captain Crunch  2 pic.Hogan and Auto  3 pic.Hyden

4 responses to “Dogs

  1. Anita says:

    Hyden is my fav hes super cute

  2. im glad u think hes cute. JUST wait till u meet him u wont like him anymore =)

  3. auntymaymay says:

    I miss the dogs. Huh-huh-huh-hogan especially. How is Comet, Otto, and Hyden doing?

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